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Teflon Sheet

Teflon Sheet

Definition of Teflon Sheet

Teflon Sheet is a Teflon fabric which is one material that has a high heat resistance. Teflon This sheet, which can be called Teflon paper, can be used on a cloth / shirt / material that you want to press heat so it doesn't burn. Used to help jobs related to heat, one of which is a printing press so that the results of the screen printing become smoother and clean.

Advantages of Teflon Sheet

  • Teflon paper / plastic can be cleaned and used repeatedly to heat press your image to the media you want.
  • Can be used up to temperatures of 280 Celsius.
  • Press results are more slippery and good.
  • Can be used for a variety of t-shirt press machines.
  • How to apply: After you coating your cotton fabric (if you use sublime paper), place the image you want to press, then the Teflon plastic, then you can press with an iron or press. If using an iron, make sure to rub evenly on the screen area.
  • Before reusing, Teflon paper must be wiped regularly to avoid residual ink / pretreatment sticking to the next shirt.
Teflon Sheet Size

We PT Asia Polimer sell various sizes of Teflon Sheet so you can choose according to your needs. We sell various colors, types and sizes at affordable prices and have high quality.

So if you are looking for a company that sells Teflon Sheet with a variety of choices, please contact us, PT Asia Polymer to find out the availability of Teflon Sheet products that you need.
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