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PP Rochling (Sheet rod and welding rod)
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Specification of

PP Rochling

plastic commodities in addition to polyethylene (PE) and polyvinylchloride (PVC). But PP has a combination of physical properties properties, mechanical, thermal and electrical are very good compared to other plastic materials.

Compared to LDPE (Low Density Poly-Ethylene) or HDPE (High Density Poly-Ethylene), PP has a lower impact strength but has higher tensile strength and is also more resistant to higher temperatures (100ᵒC) than PE (90ᵒC) .

PP has excellent chemical resistance, resistant to acids, bases, organic solvents, degreasing agent. PP is the lightest plastic BJ 0.9 and water absorption is very low compared to almost any other type of plastic. Non polar, so difficult to stained, painted, and glued.

ROCHLING is a highly trusted brand of Engineering Plastics and has been used in many countries.

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