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The combination of low friction coefficient, good abrasion level and material hardness, is suitable for applications that require high precision. Can be applied at temperature + 100C, resistant to hydrolysis at 60C. Polyacetal is a thermoplastic material often used to replace some metal applications. Asia Polymer sells polyacetal which has the main characteristics of low coefficient of friction (0.35), wear-resistant, and hard surface. It is also resistant to alkaline fluids, gasoline, alcohol, and lubricants. The high elasticity E-modulus of elasticity (E-module) reaches 2600 MPa and sufficient surface hardness (notch impact strenght) makes the ductile polyacetal more resistant to compressive and tensile forces.

Application: bearings, fittings, gear wheels, parts for pumps, bobbins, parts for textile industry etc.

Very low water absorption rate of only 0.2%, also gives its own advantages for POM-C makes dimensional stability is always maintained. In addition, POM-C does not have microporosity. Microporosity can damage the material when the material is pressured for a long time (continuous stress) and cause stress (crack). The existence of this stress crack will slowly lower the mechanical strength, such as elasticity and tensile stress that causes failure. The optimal combination of high tensile stress of 63 MPa, high slip rate, surface hardness and optimum molecular bonding tension make POM-C highly suitable and recommended in applications that require dimensional stability, high accuracy such as complex and complex applications of complex, stability and high precision. Asia Polymer besides selling cheap polyacetal, we also provide other plastic products.

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