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Gland Packing Pure Teflon PTFE GFO
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In general, gfo packing gfo has a function to control leakage, not to prevent the entire leak, since the packing should always be lubricated and the recommended leakage to keep the lubrication is about 40 to 60 drops per minute. Generally made with braid or webbing system with a cross-sectional shape box and the constituent material for this type of GFP Packing Pure Teflon PTFE GFO is PTFE. Asia Polymer sells cheap PTFE teflon which serves as packing lubricant. PTFE is known for its exceptional resistance to chemical attack, low friction coefficient and wide temperature tolerance including cryogenic service. The wide flexibility makes PTFE packaging a popular choice for difficult applications where strong solvents, corrosive chemicals and oxidizing media need to be sealed.

Asia Polymer sells cheap PTFE teflon with best quality. It is created as a sealing device, but because it has to drip, it is more appropriately referred to as a restrictional device.

- Temperature range: 200C to 220C
- pH range: 0-14
- Pressure Operation: 3500 psi
- Shaft Speed: 10 m / s

Asia Polymer is officialy registered distributor for ROCHLING. QUADRANT. GEHR brand.
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