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Expanded Join Sealant (Super Seal)
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Specification of

Expanded Join Sealant (Super Seal)

100% seal, suitable for use in various sealing applications.

Some examples include applications that are related to large, complex and rough surface equipment flange. PTFE itself, naturally, is an excellent material with excellent chemical resistance and high performance temperatures.

PTFE is a fluoropolymer produced from a highly qualified production process, PTFE (Carbon Teflon) applications can be found in everyday use because of its exceptional physical qualities.
Some PTFE characters are as follows:

  • Can be used at temperatures with a wide range of (-200 C s / d to +260 C)
  • It can withstand a variety of chemicals that corrode except fluorine and some fluoro chemical and alkaline metal liquids.
  • The coefficient of friction is very low and has non-stick properties
  • It has exceptional fire resistance (even classified as air-fireproof material under ASTM-635 and D470 test procedures)
  • It has excellent dielectric properties (free of both frequency and temperature.
  • It has good mechanical properties with the endurance of continuous use, especially in uses that involve flexibility and vibration.
  • It has the power of attraction even at low temperatures.
  • Has long lasting non aging properties
  • Resistant to moisture and UV rays
  • Does not contain toxins
  • Not absorb water

Mechanical PTFE characters can be combined by filling glass fiber, carbon, graphite, and bronze. In general, charging on PTFE serves to maintain chemical resistance and add to its heat resistant character, where it adds mechanical strength, stability, and more durable use, along with its comparison table.

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