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Black Rubber Sheet
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Black Rubber Sheet

Rubber Sheet (Rubber Sheet, Rubber Strip) with various applications for Construction and Industry.Rubber Sheet or Rubber sheets usually have a thickness of not more than 3cm. general application of Rubber Sheet as damper bearing from impact, base of a building structure where flexibility of Rubber property is needed, ladder, rubber as wall layer, rubber layer as sound silencer in studio, rubber sheet for animal husbandry, or as anti vibration rubber pad as vibration damper base on machine, pump, pipe, etc) we provide Rubber Sheet with various Material such as:

Natural Rubber Sheet, Neoprene Rubber Sheet, NBR Rubber Sheet, all materials depend on the function or usefulness of the rubber sheet.

Neoprene Materials

Neoprene or polychloroprene is a family of synthetic rubber produced by chloroprene polymerization. Neoprene generally has good chemical stability, and maintains the flexibility of a wide range of temperatures. The use of neoprene Elastomeric Bearing Pads is highly recommended in the use for various constructions such as Elastomeric Bridge (Elastomeric Bearing Pads), the foundation in the building, Neoprene Rubber Bearings are commonly used because of its advantages, excellent durability, simple details and easy maintenance.

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